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cMenuVcdControl Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool Active (void)
void Backward (void)
const char * DeviceName (void)
void Forward (void)
int GetTrack (void)
void Goto (int Index, bool Still=false)
void GotoEntry (int Entry)
void GotoTrack (int Track)
virtual void Hide (void)
void Pause (void)
void Play (void)
virtual eOSState ProcessKey (eKeys Key)
virtual void Show (void)
bool SkipEntries (int Entries)
void SkipSeconds (int Seconds)
bool SkipTracks (int Tracks)
void Stop (void)
bool Visible (void)

Static Public Member Functions

static const int LastReplayed (void)
static void SetTrack (int Track, cVcd *Vcd)

Private Member Functions

void ShowMode (void)
bool ShowProgress (bool Initial)
void ShowTimed (int Seconds=0)
void TimeSearch (void)
void TimeSearchDisplay (void)
void TimeSearchProcess (eKeys Key)

Private Attributes

bool displayFrames
cSkinDisplayReplay * displayReplay
int lastCurrent
bool lastForward
bool lastPlay
int lastSpeed
int lastTotal
bool modeOnly
bool shown
time_t timeoutShow
bool timeSearchActive
bool timeSearchHide
int timeSearchPos
int timeSearchTime
bool visible

Static Private Attributes

static char * title = 0
static int track = 0
static cVcdvcd = 0

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file menucontrol.h.

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