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cVcdPlayer Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool Active (void)
void Backward (void)
 cVcdPlayer (int Track, cVcd *Vcd, int Lba=0, int Loop=-1, int AutoWait=-1)
const char * DeviceName (void)
void Forward (void)
virtual bool GetIndex (int &Current, int &Total, bool SnapToIFrame=false)
virtual bool GetReplayMode (bool &Play, bool &Forward, int &Sped)
int GetTrack (void)
int GetTrack (int LBA)
void Goto (int Position, bool Still=false)
void GotoEntry (int Entry)
void GotoTrack (int Track)
void Pause (void)
void Play (void)
virtual void SetAudioTrack (eTrackType Type, const tTrackId *TrackId)
bool SkipEntries (int Entries)
void SkipSeconds (int Seconds)
bool SkipTracks (int Tracks)
void Stop (void)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Action (void)
virtual void Activate (bool On)
cFrame * getNextFrame (void)

Private Types

enum  ePlayDirs { pdForward, pdBackward }
enum  ePlayModes {
  pmPlay, pmPause, pmSlow, pmFast,

Private Member Functions

void Empty (void)
int ReadSector (uchar *buf)
int Resume (void)
bool Save (void)
void StripAudioPackets (uchar *b, int Length, uchar Except=0x00)
void TrackInit (int Track)
void TrickSpeed (int Increment)

Private Attributes

bool active
uchar audioTrack
int autoWait
int autoWaitInit
bool canToggleAudioTrack
bool continuous
bool done
bool doskip
__u8 last_picture_type
int lba
int lba0
int lba1
int loop
int next_i_lba
__u8 picture_type
ePlayDirs playDir
cFrame * playFrame
ePlayModes playMode
int prev_i_lba
cFrame * readFrame
int readLba
int readTrack
cRingBufferFrame * ringBuffer
bool running
uchar seqhdr_buf [CD_XA22_DATASIZE]
int seqhdr_size
int startTrack
bool stop
int trackLast
int trackOffset
int trickSpeed
int writeLba

Static Private Attributes

static int Speeds [] = { 0, -2, -4, -8, 1, 2, 4, 12, 0 }

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file player.c.

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